There are plenty of benefits of using SMS Marketing, so many in fact, that more organizations are jumping in on this trend. What used to be a perk for retail and restaurant business only, has now turned into a potential communication tool for news channels, health organizations and even governments.

SMS is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to reach a vast audience, our experience has shown an average of 90% readership and an increase of as much as 20% business on the days the SMS campaigns are sent out.

Easy- The ability to strategically schedule multiple campaigns to be sent in the future, enables business owners to make better use of their time and get more done in one sitting.

Quick- Business can reach all their customers at once, and since everyone carries their smart phone with them, the message reaches them within seconds.

Inexpensive- SMS is one, if not the most cost effective method of marketing when compared to traditional and most digital advertising, plus it’s easy to track an ROI without using a third party to do so.

Another benefit of SMS marketing is the ability to create a better customer relationship via a solid communication structure with the audience. Businesses and organizations can communicate promotional offers, thank customers for their business, congratulate them on their birthday or inform them of an emergency, and these examples being just a few among many other available reasons to reach out to their audience.

Finally, one of the most valuable benefits of SMS marketing as a business or organization’s leader/owner is how easy it is to make it part of a bigger marketing campaign by combining it with the use of social media, other digital platforms as well as with the business’ existing traditional marketing efforts.

The biggest question remains however, will all customers be ok receiving all these text messages? The answer is simple, some will and some won’t, but because of the “opt in” and “opt out” features and regulations, users have to grant permission, which in turn helps with acceptance rates. Since customers purposely opt in to receive communications and can opt out at any time, they are by default more receptive and welcoming of promotional offers. Do keep in mind, that in order to keep customers interested and engaged the communications must have a reason for being, otherwise, just like with e-mail, they’ll consider the texts clutter and will likely increase “opt out” numbers.

As SMS mass communications increase exponentially year over year, more companies like RealMobileTech™ have been working on perfecting the art of balancing increasing customer traffic for businesses while respecting the privacy of their audience.

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